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Under the patronage of
H.E. Prof. Dr. Azmi Mahafzah
Minister of Education, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

16-17 October 2024

Organising Partner


QS Arab Forum is a distinguished annual assembly designed to unite university leaders across the Arab region. The convention embraces the spirit of United Nations-style discussions, providing a platform for dynamic exchanges of views on topical issues affecting higher education in the region. This formative event stems from the broader vision of enhancing educational development and progression in Arab countries by fostering open dialogue, disseminating innovative ideas, and promoting collaboration among higher education entities.

The theme of the forum discussion in 2024 is "Fueling Collaborative and Ethical Research towards building knowledge economies in the Arab World in the era of AI"

The primary objective of the QS Arab Forum is to build a more robust, pioneering, and accessible higher education system throughout the Arab region. By gathering leaders and influencers of the academic world, the forum cultivates a conducive environment for:

  • Knowledge sharing: Institutions share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs to stimulate mutual learning.

  • Collaboration: Universities forge alliances and partnerships that amplify their impact and reach.

  • Influence: Leaders can lobby for inclusive, progressive policies that foster healthier educational ecosystems.


The ripple effect of the QS Arab Forum is extensive, reshaping the future of education in the Arab region and significantly contributing towards a more harmonious, empowered world.


QS Arab Region University Rankings
2024 Edition - Awards Ceremony

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